Your intervention

 Brief overview:

For this assignment you will identify an athlete, identify mental performance related strengths

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Your intervention
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and weaknesses (areas to improve) and create an intervention plan to address area(s) of weakness(es). You will need to provide rationale of why you selected a specific intervention (i.e., highlighting the reasons you chose one strategy over another), and how you would plan to monitor progress on that intervention.

You should be drawing on content from the textbook to plan your intervention and support your choices. You may supplement the text with additional research (which can be located online through our library), or by consulting information online, but it is not necessary. Every submission should include a reference list (in APA format) and all information from outside sources needs to be cited and referenced appropriately.

-a written paper (minimum 3 pages double spaced, 12pt- font, APA formatting incl. margin sizing)

Additional details:

Within your document, the following things should be included:

Introduction: Introduce the assignment and share details about the athlete you selected. The athlete you select may be yourself, someone you know personally (with their permission) or a professional athlete that you can find information about on the internet

Information Gathering: You will do a brief information gathering, which should include a short history of the athlete in sport and an assessment of mental performance strengths and weaknesses. Based on the athlete and the information you deem is important to collect, select a method from the textbook (chapter 2) you’d like to use. You may use one of the options included in the text, access one of the options referenced in the textbook, or locate one online. If you use a checklist or fillable form, please include as an appendix in paper or show results in ppt.

Based on the information gathered, you will select one (or several) target area(s) of weakness to design an intervention. You should state why you selected what you did.

Intervention selection:

Based on the weakness(es) you determined, create an intervention plan that could be used to address these weaknesses. The interventions could be self-directed (as in applied only to the athlete), or could include a coach or other trainer (assume you have their full support to do whatever you’d like). Consulting the textbook (chapters 6-16) or other online sources, you will select the intervention you’d like to use and share how you will use it. This should be well thought out and purposeful. You should provide a rationale for why this is the specific strategy or set of strategies you’ve selected, over other options.


After you’ve introduced the intervention, identify how you will monitor and track progress. What specifically will you be monitoring from the intervention, when would you monitor it, and how would you do that?Hide Files: PSYC 2660 Application Assignment-converted.docx


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