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Identify the item(s) you have selected to apply DMAIC to by:Step 1: Describing something you want to improve and have control over.I’m a senior graduating this semester and I’m willing to improve my body before graduating, heading back home and applying for a job. I been working on this goal for the last month (26 days to be specific).Step 2: Investigating features of the item(s) to be improved, decomposing the problem, and setting three targets for improvement: worst case, realistic case, and best case scenarios. Note: You will be measuring these items throughout the semester so be sure to establish realistic goals for the next 10 weeks on something that you can measure and have influence over.I don’t have control on my height so I’m focusing mainly on my weight. I don’t have a problem with my body but I’m willing to improve it in different ways and achieve the goal by May 12th. I chose May 12th because it’s a day after my graduation ceremony day and it’s my birthday. I’m trying to lose some fat, however the same time I’m toning up my body. The worst scenario that I stop going to the gym and start eating junk food, that means I’ll not be reaching my goal and be unhappy with myself. A realistic scenario would be that I work out 4 times a week (3 times lifting + 1 cardiovascular session) as I’m doing now and eat the meals I’m preparing home. I will make a difference in my body if I continue doing what I’m doing now, but I don’t think those results would be good enough. Best scenario would be that I start working out 6 times a week ( 4 lifting sessions + 2 cardiovascular sessions) and that would show a huge difference in the long run, around 90 days. The 4 lifting sessions would help me improve my physique by building muscles and the cardio vascular sessions would help me lost the fat around the muscles. The best scenario with the nutrition would be that I start macro nutrition and meal preps.Step 3: Identifying sources of variation and determining root causes.The sources of variation, I will be keeping track of the percentage of fat, muscles and floods in my body. There a scale at GNC store that cost around 2 dollars a use that can give me all of that data need to show me the progress and help me achieve my goal by tracking the percentages. I’m thinking to collect data every 2 weeks from the same scale. The root causes of failing would be a lack in time management that lead me to get off track and not reach the goal. Other factor would be the recovery, to be specific the quality of food and the amount of rest I’m having a day.Step 4: Defining improvement steps or interventions that will be implemented in order to reach desired targets defined in step 2.- Managing my time to go to the gym 6 times a week without falling behind with my school work.- Prepare my meals ahead of time.- Recover after working out.- Keeping track by collecting data twice a week by using the scale that shows the percentage of muscles, fat, and floods in my body. – Step 5: Identifying mechanisms for long term sustainment. What rewards will incentivize high performance in the future? Identify commitment devices for each of the three target levels (worst, realistic, best).I’m willing to do everything to stick with the plan and see what I can achieve by May 12th. I’m planning to go this week to GNC to use the scale, and start collecting and setting goals. I will be rewarding myself biweekly during the process with a cheat meal. If I meet the best scenario requirements, the big reward would be on my birthday (May 12th) I’ll shop and get new outfits before heading back to Kuwait. If I don’t meet the best scenario I would see results but not noticeable so I will not reward myself by buying new outfits before heading back home after graduation. Answer those questions in an essay form: Definition of the Problem What did you want to improve?What is the motivation behind such improvement?What steps did you take to improve over the 10-week period?Measurement What metric(s) did you use to keep track of your progress?What are the three targets of improvement (worst case, realistic case, and best case scenarios)?How did you collect the data over the 10 week period?Analysis How will did analyze your data to show that you are making improvements? What trends did you observe?What are the sources of variation?What are the root causes of the variations?Improve How did you/did you not sustain your improvement?How did you reward yourself for each target achieved?Were the rewards effective?Control What did you learn throughout this experience?Did you achieve any of the three targets?What would you do differently in the future?Purchase the answer to view it
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