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It seems that Maria tried several times to explain the situation to Joelle. Joelle was very busy and that is an issue when it comes to communication. I am wondering if there is more that one teacher and if they can come up with a better routine in the morning so that they can gain an understanding of what is going on in their lives so that they can better understand the child. There needs to be other ways of communication such as a messaging system or email. Communication is key when it comes to the well being of our children. Joelle should have reached out to Maria as soon as she saw the unfamiliar item and the change in behavior. Email Dialogue:Joelle: I am very sorry that this morning was so busy and we didn’t have a chance to talk about Danna. I noticed that she had an unfamiliar item (the blanket) and that her emotions have been different. Is there something that I need to know?Maria: Thank you so much for reaching out to me through email. I have been so busy at home taking care of an elderly family member that I have not given her the attention that she needs. The blanket has been hers since she was very little and she has been carrying it everywhere i believe to make up for this mixed emotion and change in our lives. Joelle: I will give her some extra attention today and see if I can get her to talk about how she feels. As far as the blanket I may throw it in the wash when she is napping. I have noticed she has been dragging it and chewing on it. I want to get rid of any germs she may have picked up here. Maria: Thanks Joelle! You are so good with her. I look forward to our conversation at pick up. Crystal(2)Diversity in Early Care and Education by Janet Gonzalez-Mena is a published book that is helpful to individuals partaking in courses related to education and human services. In chapter 1, Perceiving and Responding to Differences, the author gives us the opportunity to understand our culture and its effect on our children. She also offers several examples of teachers’ actions eachers do that unconsciously affect culture. For instance, Maria Danna’s mother believes that many children need comfort things hence gives Danna a blanket yet without communication (Gonzalez-Mena & Gonzalez-Mena, 2008). It indicts a conflict since Joel the caregiver feels the blanket is dirty and might affect Danna’s health. In chapter two, Communicating across Cultures, the author stresses on the fact that we supposed to get a bigger picture, have the understanding of every culture and get educated on cross-culture communication without forgetting our philosophies (Morrison, 1988). Therefore, in the article, Joel is supposed to understand the culture of Maria when she gives Danna a blanket, but she should not forget the fact that as the sheet gets dirty, it might affect her health. In chapter three, working with Diversity Issues, she talks about three things that help in working on our diversities. They include respect for elders, toilet training and self-esteem. For example, Joel should not jump into conclusion when she sees Danna with the blanket, but she should practice self-respect and respect to go through that situation. She also circles the advantages and demerits of possible outcomes to these conflicts stressing on mutual education as the best result (Day & Parlakian, 2004). On the other hand, she gives 8 points for handling conflict that includes, patience, understands yourself, be sensitive to another person’s discomfort, study culture, take risks, communicate, dialogue, negotiate and share the power to overcome diversity issues.In the book, How Culture Shapes Social-Emotional Development, the author notes that emotions are the essential part of human experience concerning engagement with others, perceptions towards specific behavior and everyday interactions. The author discusses critical points on how culture shapes emotional development that include, the foundations of emotional development where he states that emotional development is affected by both biological and social system changes. The other point is emotional socialization concerning the cultural pathway to its development that is most influenced by the parental care of infants. In addition to that the bullets out emotions experiences and expression of a child as another point to how culture shapes emotion development (Bruno, 2003). Finally, he points out the understanding emotions on diverse cultures. The dialogue between Maria and Joel.Maria: good evening Mrs. Joel.Joel: good evening to you.Maria: how was your day along with Danna new blanket?Joel: she is doing fine though the blanket is a challenge to her well-being.Maria: how? I thought it was going to help and support her comfort.Joel: I am sorry the blanket could affect her health condition since it got dirty and she was putting it in her mouth.Maria: No, I expected it to have a positive impression since so many women in our society do that and it has no effects. Joel: It was a good idea but it is going to affect her health.Maria: I need her to have it like other children.Joel: You should have communicated before giving her the blankets.Maria: She is my daughter so I need to communicate about the things I give her?Joel: Yes, Maria, it is important so that we can decide how she manages it. Maria: it is ok. Next time I will communicate before giving her anything. Will she continue having the blanket?Joel: Yes, she will have it and I look upon her to make sure she does not put it in her mouth again.Maria: Thank you.Joel: you are welcomed.Purchase the answer to view it
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WK5 Respond 1&2
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