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This new system will have to communicate with the current reservations system via satellite connectivity. This software development project had four main components: (a) Ship Embarkation System, (b) Point of Sale System (POS), (c) Satellite Technology Utility for connectivity from the HQ’s Reservations System to the Ship, and (d) Upgrade to the existing Reservations System to generate the upload to the Ship’s Embarkation and POS systems. All components were completed by December 1st and was ready for the integration testing process so that the project can be implemented on December 15th just before the start of the busy season at which time further software project implementations are not permitted for six months due to the heavy volume impacting the Reservations System.When it came time for the integration testing, the upgrade for the Reservations System could not be made for the test environment because the upgrade was not moved to the Quality Control environment and the software changes was still in the programmer’s work file. No other developer or anyone in IT management had access to these files. The programmer that had worked on these changes had a heart attack and was in the hospital. As a result, the Project Manager informed everyone that they were going to miss the deadline and now had to wait six more months before this project could be implemented and the Business Sponsor was furious.The Quality Assurance Manager asked the reason for the missed deadline and when she heard the story, she asked the IT Project Manager for the Risk Management Plan. He said that they do not believe in planning for risk events because this was a negative process and they support a positive approach towards the systems development process. Since there was not a risk matrix created and the risk for the developer to have a heart attack was not considered, the project was delayed and the company lost an opportunity to improve their competitive advantage, which equaled to millions of dollars in potential future bookings.After reading the Quality Assurance Manager’s report, Senior Management asked the following questions:Management is upset that there is an occurrence of a major risk that could affect the project is a large fashion. Your job is to prepare a 5 to 8 minute presentation, using PowerPoint Presentation with your recorded voice that which addresses the five questions posed by Senior Management and reflects your research and thorough analysis, synthesis, and evaluation of the case. You will need to set the voice playback (sound) and the slide transitions to automatic in PowerPoint. You may wish to convert the presentation to a MP4 video.The presentation is due this week. Submit either the PowerPoint presentation with automatic slide transitions and sound playback, or the converted video. (This is an individual assignment.)You will perform your Peer Reviews in Week 6. Canvas will automatically assign you two other students’ video or PowerPoint Presentation. You will complete the peer reviews next week.Reminder: You should use at least two scholarly resources to validate your presentation and present all resources in a slide or frame near the end of your presentation. This listing should be in APA format.The case study will involve a process-orientated assignment consisting of reviewing the case, analyzing the data provided in the case and transforming the issues into a practical solution (Processes). The data presented in the case will be collected, analyzed and synthesized. (Data). After analyzing and synthesizing the data, the student will use a Microphone to create narration for a slide presentation via PowerPoint with automatic transitions, Movie Maker, PowerPoint Video Tool, or other such presentation/video tools available to the student. Either the PowerPoint or resulting MP4 video will be embedded to a discussion thread for asynchronous discussion activity (Devices). Finally, a peer review of this activity will be performed following the submission of the presentation, providing an integral network of outsiders analyzing and evaluating the solution provided (People).Purchase the answer to view it
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