Unit 2 Project EMS Risk Reduction

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Identify one community risk from the list of three that were identified in the Unit I assignment. This risk will be used throughout the remainder of this course. Consider the risk with an ecological focus on types of prevention (i.e., primary prevention, secondary prevention, and tertiary prevention) in each of the four levels (i.e., group level, organizational level, community level, and policy level). Consider the blank chart on Page 50 of your textbook as a sample. Fill in the table and note the difficulties you had in providing examples of each cell. Were certain cells more difficult to fill than others? Explain your answer. Click here to download a template for this project. I have attached unit 1 project to reference for 1 of the 3 risks needed for this paper. I also have attached the template to use for this assignment. Purchase the answer to view it
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Unit 2 Project EMS Risk Reduction
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