Unappreciated Benefits of Advertising & Commercial Speech



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Unappreciated Benefits of Advertising & Commercial Speech
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The article, “Unappreciated Benefits of Advertising & Commercial Speech” depicts the legislative measures that the state legislators and reinforcement personnel aim to install with respect to commercial advertisement and marketing. It elaborates the reasons behind applying regulatory measures on advertisement and marketing practices. A portfolio of three factors calls for a prompt regulating commercial speech. These factors include creation of market or competitiveness effects, educational effects and cross-subsidization effect. Ideally, the author tries to show the negate impacts that marketing and advertisement creates towards with respect to the market and even other affiliate people who are not part of the marketing chain.

Arguably, it is relevant to stipulate that commercial speech is sometimes used for the wrong purposes. For instance, communication in the form of education can be used to increase awareness of the products nature and usability. Therefore, it is paramount that the consumers get protected from false and exaggerated information that is misleading (Hawkes 1967). In addition, the article is articulate on the issue of marketing and competition. The law confirms the course of nature where advertising brings about competitiveness between manufacturers and traders of similar products. However, the legislative measures ought to be put into place to ensure that advertising does not serve self-interests. Similarly, it is an appropriate measure to communicate competitively. However, some of the advertisers use the chance to criticize the public and government officers. This is an unhealthy marketing practice that needs to get regulated.

Freedom of speech creates and compels people to engage in unnecessary defiance toward the authority (Hawkes 1970). A perfect example is the marketing and advertisement field. Advertisers, if not regulated, can easily abuse power and make unlawful communications since they are under the helm of freedom. Ideally, this compels the government, through the legislative platforms to adjust the level of freedom.        

Works cited

Hawkes, Corinna. “Regulating and litigating in the public interest.” Am J Public Health 97.11 (2007): 1962-73.


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