Training Adult Learners

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Develop a statement addressed to Cindy Kramer and upper management explaining to them the importance of learning styles, adult learning, and how to make it work so that older employees can learn comfortably alongside younger ones. Compose the memo by addressing the following issues: 1. Outline some of the distinctive ways adults learn, particularly compared to how children and youth learn. How are you going to ensure that you meet these needs? 2. How your training will seek to address adult trainee characteristics and why it is important to be aware of these:•Trainability •Motivation•Perception of the work environment •Personality and attitudes 3. Explain how you plan to meet each learner’s individual learning style needs in the design of your program. 4. Explain why it is vital to meet each learner’s needs.APA and refrences are required2 Pages in lengthMust make sure to use detail and answer ALL of the questions being asked. Purchase the answer to view it
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Training Adult Learners
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