The Prince of Tides

Question 1: Critical Movie Analysis (50 pts)

Students need to arrange on their own to watch The Prince of Tides (1991), directed by Barbara Streisand and starring Barbara Streisand and Nick Nolte, who plays the role of Tom Wingo, whose twin-sister is a famous poet and has recently suffered a psychotic break. Streisand is her psychiatrist (Dr. Lowestein) who asks if Tom will serve as his sister’s memory.  

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The Prince of Tides
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Question: Provide a psychoanalytic analysis for this film. Your analysis should first identify the psychoanalytic elements present in the movie, followed by a critical analysis addressing the extent to which these elements are accurately portrayed in the movie.

The response needs to be limited to 500-words (10% over/under) and include at least two college-level references. The response needs to address the question posed above and avoid any movie summary. 

Grading Rubric: 40 points = Critical Analysis, 5 points = Correct Use of APA citation, 5 points = grammar.

Note: The movie is available for rent (about $3) on Amazon Prime. Reach out to your professor if there is any challenge locating the film.

Question 2: Research Analysis (30 pts)

Read the short story “For it is just this question of pain that parts us?” (attached PDF). Using the APPI Psychiatry Online Premium database from the SPC Library (which is the 14th database down on the list), (1) provide a DSM diagnosis for Jerry. (2) In a short paragraph provide the basis for the diagnosis. (3) Using a college-level reference, in no more than two sentences, suggest an effective treatment for Jerry. Be sure to list all references in the correct APA format.

The response needs to be limited to 250-words (10% over/under).

Grading Rubric:  20 points = Diagnosis/rationale, 5 points = treatment recommendation, and 5 points = grammar/APA format.

Reference: Liebert, D. (2014). Shrink-wrapped: Stories from a psychologist’s unconscious. Moonshine Cover Press.

Question 3: Self-Reflection (20 pts)

Again, you’ll be using the short story, “For it is just this question of pain that parts us?” to address this final self-reflective question. In the story, foul language is used. Jerry can surely let the “four-letters” fly! When teaching CLP 2140: Abnormal Psychology, sometimes this becomes an interesting topic for discussion. I argue: When we work with patients, we let them choose their own words to express themselves, even if these words are foul and may be disturbing to us. When I practice psychotherapy, I have no problem whatsoever telling a patient they are not allowed to smoke in my office, but I never tell them they can’t curse.

Do you agree or disagree (and you are most certainly allowed to disagree with me. After all, in this scenario, it’s your office and your patient)? Your response, however, must pick deeply at the larger issue here. A clear, logical rationale needs to be provided in a paragraph or two.

No outside references are required.Hide Files: Liebert Just this question of pain.pdf


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