The nurse manager

Root Cause Analysis

Review the case scenario included in this week’s media resources, and examine the process flow chart, cause/effect diagram, and Pareto chart related to the case scenario.

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The nurse manager
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In the scenario, the nurse manager and the director of pharmacy blame each other for the error. The facilitator (quality assurance person) asks everyone to avoid blaming and focus on applying the tools to analyze the data and get to the root cause of the error. While all of these tools contribute, for this Discussion, select one tool to analyze.

Read and respond to the postings of two or more of your colleagues’ who discussed different charts, identified different evidence of positive collaboration, and/or identified different contributing factors than you did. Also offer comments that ask for clarification, provide support, or contribute additional information. Offer alternative viewpoints on the cause as you see it.

attached in files are the case scenario and graphs to go by to help understand the response of discussion a and b and how to respond to them

discussion a and b are to be responded toHide Files: TRANSCRIPT OF SCENARIO.pdfFISH BONE CAUSE AND EFFECT.pdfMEDICATION ERROR ANALYSIS.pdfweek 4 peer post.docx


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