The Case Of The Invisible Knapsack

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In Week 01, you discussed how the terms “minority” and “majority” have been used in the past and what they signify for you.Share your ideas about the concept of “white privilege” as an “invisible knapsack” that Margaret McIntosh addresses in the excerpts (and website) given in your Lecture Notes. How do you think such categories as black-white, sexuality-sexual orientation or ability-disability complicate the way we talk about minority or majority discussions today? For example, is a white gay man a member of the majority or the minority? Is a “deaf” Asian American woman more likely to be seen as Asian American or as deaf? How would either person likely see himself or herself? How about a multi-racial and bi-sexual person born with cerebral palsy?Purchase the answer to view it
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The Case Of The Invisible Knapsack
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