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A 5-page APA 7th style research proposal (reference page, title page, and abstract are not counted in required number of pages) on a psychological topic you would like to research. You can look at the Table of Contents of the textbook for ideas. You must include all the components of a research proposal in your paper. Don’t use a textbook or internet site as a source for the paper. Use professional books on the subject and journal articles only. You can access these online using various search engines and the JSU library search engines. Reminder: Be sure and use proper APA 7th Edition Style for your reference list. My topic is Stress in Southern High School students. This report should include a Literature with 5 resources. The rubric is attached. I also have link to a video on YouTube that will tell you exactly what is needed.

Youtube Link:

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Table of Contents
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This is the book: Experimental Psychology. Tenth Edition. Kantowitz, Roediger, & ElmesFiles: General Writing Rubric.pdf


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