Responsibility Charting Project

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Responsibility ChartingWrite one or two paragraphs introducing this phase of the action research process. A responsibility chart is a helpful tool as it focuses the participants on the details of the action research project while keeping in mind the overall goal which is to resolve a problem through change. Briefly summarize why we must do a Responsibility Chart when we do an action research project. APA formatting is required. Do not include the assignment’s directions within the final submission.Decisions and ResponsibilitiesThere are (spell out the number of) stakeholders involved in this action research project as indicated in the Responsibility Chart (Appendix). Describe the responsibilities and how the decisions were made.Reflection on Responsibility Charting PhaseWrite here, in one to two paragraphs, what you learned from completing this phase of the process.ConclusionSummarize the paper.***Responsibility Chart is included.***Purchase the answer to view it
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Responsibility Charting Project
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