Reflects your proposed study

The program evaluation proposal includes all of the following topics of information:

1. A one-page executive summary.

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Reflects your proposed study
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2. A title that succinctly reflects your proposed study.

3. The following background information:

a. Why is this study being proposed?

b. Describe the program elements and problems that provide the larger context for your evaluation?

c. What resources are available to support you in completing this evaluation?

d. What constraints are evident in completing the evaluation and how you will you take them into account?

e. What is the anticipated contribution/impact of the study on programs, clients, and agency decision-making?

f. Summarize the findings from the professional literature (two pertinent articles).

​Feel free to use articles in the course bibliography that are relevant to your evaluation.

4. Study questions (two to five questions) that will be the focus of your investigation.

    Also explain why you have chosen these questions.

5. Study design, including the following:

a. A plan to protect human subjects. (Identify the agency as the sponsor of the evaluation.)

b. The primary variables that you will focus on and how they will be measured.

c. Data collection approach and specific procedures

d. The instrument to be used and attach a copy.

e. Data source and sampling approach

f. A data analysis plan.

6. Strengths and limitations of your research design, the extent of agency support, sources of data, etc.

7. A time frame for completing the study by the end of the semester.

8. Addendum (i.e., appendices) to include: an informed consent form and data collection instrument.

The proposal should be double-spaced and use each of the above topics of information as headings for the proposal.


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