Healthcare in the US

Reflection questions/prompts: You do not have to write on each question or prompt. Choose the ones that relate to you, your journey, and your project. • How much did you know about the subject before you started or what was your knowledge base on the topic prior to your research? • What problems did you encounter while you were researching your topic? How did you solve them? • Does your topic tell a bigger story, what is it? • What challenged you about the topic and the information you gathered for the presentation? • What feelings developed as you learned more about your topic? • What thoughts came to your mind as you dug deeper into the topics? • While you were researching or after you have completed the project have any of your ideas changed on this subject, which one’s and why? • If you were the teacher, what comments would you make about your project?

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I know from conversations many of you are thinking of creative ways to show the information you have.  Look through these free websites for ideas.


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