Puzzle games


As we well know by now, there are various different mediums of VR. It is certainly important for everybody to take precautions to protect our mental health when participating in the world of VR for many reasons. Personally, I have little things, such as refusing to make “in- app purchases” when playing little games on my iPhone. Playing games are an escape from reality for millions and millions of people. I do not play them very often, and not nearly as much as I have been known to in the past, but I do enjoy “puzzle games” such as Bejeweled Blitz and Candy Crush. many apps like these have options to help you obtain higher scores or get to higher levels faster if you pay money for in- app help. I know that people actually purchase these items or packages, and some of them or pretty pricey. If one allows themself to get sucked into these games, there can essentially become a gambling issue. Because of this I will not spend a single penny in these apps. I also do have to keep myself very aware of how long I play these games if I do. I can get entirely too lost in playing these games, and before I know it the sun will be coming up. I have to make sure I am not going to be miserable in real life due to staying up all night sucked into my phone app. Being aware of the trouble these seemingly insignificant apps could bring can save me a lot of future problems.

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Puzzle games
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The precautions I take whenever I participate in VR experience is I typically control my breathing. Whenever I control my breathing and slow down my heart rate I notice that I am able to tell my mind “it’s just a game ” . Another thing I typically do as well is I am aware of my surroundings. Whenever I played the oculus at my friends house I was able to know where I was at while playing. I kept telling myself “you’re on the ground in the living room it’s okay” whenever I played the “walking the plank” feature that this oculus has. It stimulates a VR world where you’re walking on a thin plank between two skyscrapers. While playing I had to control my breathing and remind myself I was located in his living room the whole time.



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