Psychology influenced behaviorism

Question 2 

Explain how animal psychology influenced behaviorism. Be sure to include what tropism, associative memory, and connectionism are and how each is related to animal psychology and behaviorism. 

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Psychology influenced behaviorism
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Question 3 

Pavlov’s work helped shift the emphasis on research with subjective ideas to —————————-and ————————–events. This allowed researchers to study behavior by attempting to control behavior and change it. 

Question 4 

When Watson was working on developing behaviorism, he gave a lecture at Yale. What did he say about psychic or mental concepts in this lecture?

A. He said they were important to learning more about psychology 

B.. He said mental concepts are more important than psychic 

C. He said they have no value to psychological science

Question 5 

According to Watson, the only acceptable behaviorism methods included: (Select all that apply)

A.  testing methods

B.  observation with/without instruments

C.  conditioned reflex method

D.  verbal report method

Question 6 

Briefly discuss how Karl Lashley and William McDougall’s perspective on behavior differed from Watson’s.

Question 7 

What major contributions to psychology arose from Watson’s behaviorism?

A. methods became more objective 

B. terminology became more objective 

C. methods became more invasive for participants

D. terminology became more difficult to understand

Question 8 

Briefly discuss the 3 points that the people in the second stage of behaviorism (neobehaviorists) agreed on. Define purpose behaviorism and intervening variables.

Question 9 

Behavior modification is when one uses positive reinforcement to change or control an individual or a group’s behavior. 



Question 10 

How did Bandura’s social cognitive theory differ from Skinner’s behaviorism?

A. He used introspection in his research methods 

B. He found it important to include social interactions into research 

C. He thought behavior responses were triggered automaticallyHide Files: lecture 9, 10 and 11.docx


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