Psychological assessment

Interviewing Presentation Assignment Instructions


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Psychological assessment
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As we have learned in this course, the clinical interview is a core component of a psychological assessment or evaluation.  For this Interviewing Presentation Assignment, you will create a PowerPoint presentation that overviews how to properly conduct a clinical psychological interview.  Integrate into your Interviewing Presentation Assignment course content and information from your own research and review of academic sources.  Include the key principles of clinical interviewing, including but not limited to, client interview and history, behavioral observation, mental status exam, and multicultural considerations.  


8-10 slides, excluding title and references slides 

At least 3 reference citations in current APA format

Sources must be scholarly and within the last 5 yearsHide Files: chronic stressors.pdfimpact doctors.pdfQualitative_analysis_of_ward_s.pdf


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