Project Supply Chain/Procurement Managemen

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Supply Chain/Procurement Management (1000 words)Complete Exercise questions 1 through 4 found at the end of Chapter 13, CPM 4e. Using the above link, write an APA paper on Using the ideas in Exhibit 13.2 (CPM 4e), speculate on what activities, supplies, or services could be contracted out. 2. Create a request for information for one portion of the project work that could be contracted out. 3. Using ideas from Exhibits 13.4 and 13.5, determine criteria you would use to select sellers for the portion of contract work under consideration. 4. Determine what type of contract you would use for this work and explain why Question 1 – (ensure that you develop a complete list of as many potential contracted items as possible)Question 2 – (ensure that you properly cite the reference used to baseline or template your RFI).Question 3 – (ensure that your ideas are tailored to the project)Question 4 – (ensure that you explain why the chosen contract is used AND why others were rejected)Purchase the answer to view it
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Project Supply Chain/Procurement Managemen
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