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MuST be 100% Plagarism FREE it is going to TutnitinThe job analysis and job description project must be about USA. You must conduct a job requirements job analysis using an interview technique for any job/incumbent of your choosing. Choose someone who is currently employed in a position You should complete each of the following ten activities. Items listed below each activity are the deliverables you should include in your assignment..Below PAGE 169 CHAPTER FOUR Job Analysis and Rewards 169EXHIBIT 4.11 Example of Combined Job Description/SpecificationFUNCTIONAL UNIT: CHILDREN’S REHABILITATION JOB TITLE: REHABILITATION SPECIALIST DATE: 12/5/14JOB SUMMARYWorks with children with disabilities and their families to identifydevelopmental strengths and weaknesses, develop rehabilitation plans, deliver and coordinate rehabilitation activities, and evaluate effectiveness of those plans and activities.PERFORMANCE DIMENSIONS AND TASKS Time Spent (%)1. Assessment 10%Administer formal and informal motor screening and evaluation instruments to conduct assessments. Perform assessments to identify areas of strengths and need.2. Planning 25%Collaborate with parents and other providers to directly develop the individualized family service plan. Use direct and consultative models of service in developing plans.3. Delivery 50%Carry out individual and small-group motor development activities withchildren and families. Provide service coordination to designated families. Work with family care and child care providers to provide total services. Collaborate with other staff members and professionals from community agencies to obtain resources and specialized assistance.4. Evaluation 15%Observe, interpret, and report on client to monitor individual progress. Assist in collecting and reporting intervention data in order to prepare formal program evaluation reports. Write evaluation reports to assist in developing new treatment strategies and programs.JOB SPECIFICATIONS1. License: 2. Education:3. Experience: 4. Skills:License to practice physical therapy in the state B.S. in physical or occupational therapy required; M.S. preferred Prefer (not required) one year experience working with children with disabilities and their families Listening to and interacting with others (children, family members, coworkers) Developing treatment plans Organizing and writing reports using Microsoft WordJOB CONTEXT: Indoors, office, business clothes, no environmental or job hazards. EXHIBIT 4.12 Criteria for Guiding Choice of Job Analysis MethodsMethod Sources Advantages and DisadvantagesPrior informationObservationInterviewsTask questionnaireCommittee or task forceCurrent job descriptions Training manuals Performance appraisals O*NETTrained job analysts or HR professionals watch incumbents perform the jobHR professionals discuss job requirements with job incumbents and managersJob incumbents, managers, and HR professionals fill in a standardized form with questions regarding jobManagers, representatives from HR, and incumbents meet to discuss job descriptionsReadily available Inexpensive External sources may not match jobs in your organization Focus is on how jobs have been done previously, not how theywill be done in the futureThorough, rich information Does not rely on intermediary information sources Not appropriate for jobs that are largely mental in character Incumbents may behave differently if they know they’re beingobservedTakes the incumbent’s knowledge of the position into account Time-consuming and costly Quality depends on the knowledge and ability of theinterviewee and skill of the interviewerStandardized method across a variety of jobs Can combine information from large numbers of incumbentsquickly Developing questionnaires can be expensive andtime-consuming Requires that incumbents be capable of completing the formsaccuratelyBrings expertise of a variety of individuals into the process Increases reliability of the process Enhances acceptance of the final product Significant investment of staff timeCHAPTER FOUR Job Analysis and Rewards 173 Purchase the answer to view it
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