Phd Isaac Newton/Interview

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Ethical Interview Summary GuideSelect and interview an individual who operates in a leadership position regarding his/her perspective on ethical leadership; Use this interview outline as a guide, but feel free to add your own questions. (25 points)· What does ethics mean to you, particularly organizational and professional ethics? · What do you consider to be the core components of an ethical decision making decisions process? · How does your decision making process ensure that the decision is ethical and “reasonably does not harm”?· What do you consider your professional code of ethics to be? · What factors or experiences have impacted or shaped your ethical code? · What do you consider to be the core qualities of an ethical leader? · What difficult challenges do organizational leaders face today? · How does a leader use power, position, information, and networks ethically and with integrity?· How can a leader work for the benefit of all of an organization’s stakeholders, including being a responsible global citizen?· What happens when ethical differences occur when trying to plan, resolve an issue or make a decision?· What recommendations would you make to someone who is working to identify and grow as an ethical leader in today’s world?Write the following to complete this assignment:1. A paragraph summarizing the individual interviewed, including their leadership position (current or past). (5 points) 2. Then include your interview, which can be submitted as a transcript format. If so, it’s best to record your interview (with permission) in order to capture the dialogue accurately. Alternately you can take notes during the interview and write it in a narrative format. (10 points)3. Include a reflection paragraph that highlights similarities or differences between this individual and your own perspectives, demonstrating your ability to understand respect and draw upon ethical positions different than your own. (5 points)4. End with a summary paragraph, including themes that were evident in the interview as well as conclusions. (5 points)Purchase the answer to view it
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Phd Isaac Newton/Interview
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