Personal reflections

Report 1 of 2:  The plan should include:1.  The date/time of your event.2.  The location of your event.3.  The name of the group you will be presenting to.4.  Contact information (name/email/phone number) for the person you coordinated with to schedule your event.5.  Number of audience anticipated.

Report 2 of 2: Using your Part 1 of 2 report, ADD the following report content below that in narrative form:

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Personal reflections
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 Report 2 of 2:  Presenter’s personal observations regarding:

  • Audience sign in sheet (scanned in or attached as a picture from your phone)
  • Audience assessment
    • Demographics
    • Receptiveness
  • Personal reflections (pre- and post-presentation)
    • Degree of difficulty
      • What did you imagine?
      • How did it turn out?
    • Perception of message importance to public
      • How important do you think this message is before the presentation?
      • What did you think afterwards?
    • Perception of success
      • What did you expect?
      • How did it turn out?
    • Expectation is that the paper will cover all of these items ~ minimum 2 pages, double spaced in a narrative format.

I ATTACHED ALL RESOURCES YOU COULD USEHide Files: AHIMA myPHR Audience Attendance Sheet.xlsxAHIMA myPHR Audience Attendance Sheet.xlsxAHIMA myPHR CEC Audience Ice Breaker Quiz.pdfAHIMA myPHR Community Education Presentation Location Suggestions.docxAHIMAConsumerEngagementFlyer2014.pdfHIM 2111 Final Reflection 2021.docxHIM Poster for Outreach 2021.pptxmyPHR15minutePresentationUpdateF21.pptx


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