Peer-reviewed sources

Schizophrenia: Annotated Bibliography

Find at least six to eight scholarly and/or peer-reviewed sources that were published within the last five years, including a minimum of two original research studies that discuss your selected neuropsychological disorder: Schizophrenia. 

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Peer-reviewed sources
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  • Include a full reference citation in APA format for each resource.
  • Summarize each resource in a paragraph (do not copy the article’s abstract—this summary should be in your own words).
  • Describe how you plan to use this source in your Week 3 outline that you will write next week.

This analysis paper:

  • Must include at least six to eight scholarly or peer-reviewed sources to complete this annotated bibliography.
  • Please use the attached template for the annotated bibliography.
  • Must include a separate title page and reference page.
  • Must utilize academic voice.
  • Please referenced attached Week 1 assignment so reference on topic chosen. You may reuse the references used in completing the Week 1 assignment. You may use the DSM-5 as one of your resources.

Hide Files: Schizophrenia_Annotated Bibliography Template.docxWeek 1 Assignment_Schizophrenia.docx


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