Organizational Analysis 633

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1.Choose an organization to analyze. 2.Provide a brief account of the nature of the situation being investigated. This account should have sufficient information for the reader to understand the nature of the organization and its context. This will include information on the age, size and history of the organization, the product or services it provides, and the general nature of the environment. Basically, this is the background information so that the reader can be oriented with the industry and the general trend that it is facing. 3.Apply the relevant theories and concepts learned throughout the course. It is your job to try and apply these ideas to practice, identifying the detailed ways in which the different theories and concepts relate to your particular organization. What you are doing is linking the theory and practice and providing a basis for each stage of the analysis; looking at the organization from different points of view. This is the diagnostic reading portion. What you are doing is using the information from the reading and judging the significance. Now you have determined the root cause of the problems. Some people call this contextual analysis. Then, you will continue with the analysis by: 1.Provide alternatives and solutions for your situation; supported by relevant theory 2.Evaluate the alternatives and solutions based on best practices in the industry through research 3.Look at implications and draw conclusions based on the research. 4.What recommendations would you present to the organization’s leaders? Support your reasons with relevant research. 5.Students must have a minimum of five (5) scholarly journal articles found in the online library included in the reference page. Note: I expect a minimum of 10 references. 6.The paper should be 4-9 pages (this is the body of the paper) and include headings and subheadings. 7.You must include a Reference page in APA format along with in text citations and headings throughout the paper.8. No plagiarismPurchase the answer to view it
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Organizational Analysis 633
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