Online Discussion Week #6 (for Hifsa Shaukat)

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1. Select a recent issue in your community (Oakland, California) that either led to or could lead to a new public policy. Then discuss who were the actors in getting the issue on the agenda? How did the window of opportunity open? What inputs will be needed? What outputs should / could be measured?2. What is the definition of policy evaluation and what purposes does it serve? Include an example.Note: You can just research on google and find something in the community of Oakland and decide what policy should be placed on the public agenda. Or you can talk about “Working to Reduce and Ameliorate Homelessness” that could be put on the public agenda. But check to see if there is a policy about this already. here is a link for this: the answer to view it
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Online Discussion Week #6 (for Hifsa Shaukat)
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