No deep reflection

Question 1 

What are your first impressions of this painting? (No interpreting yet, no deep reflection, just first impressions.)

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No deep reflection
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Question 2 

 Colors? Objects? Shapes?

Question 3 

 Most prominent parts?

Question 4 

 What part do you prefer?  About which portion of the painting can you say, “I’m glad it’s there”?

Question 5 

 What part do you least prefer?  In other words, you could do without it.

Question 6 

 What sounds do you imagine going on in the background?

Question 7 

 If you could reach inside the picture and touch different objects, what would they feel like?

Question 8 

 What kind of music would go with this painting? Describe the music.

Question 9 

 If you translated this painting into a dance, describe the dance, dancers, costumes, scenery, colors, etc.

Question 10 

What emotions does the painting express?

Question 11 

 What poetic phrases come out of this painting?

Question 12 

 If this painting were a book, what would the title be?

Question 13 

Have you known this theme/story going on in people’s lives?

Question 15 3 pts If there is a ‘message’ in this work of art, how would you reply?

Question 14 

 Has it ever happened to you?

Question 15 

 If there is a ‘message’ in this work of art, how would you reply?Hide Files: Edouard_Manet,_A_Bar_at_the_Folies-Bergère.jpg


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