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Write a paper of 700- to 1,050-words in which you discuss the roles of law and courts in today’s business environment. Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. Reference :Spiering, K. J. (2017). Instructor Policies. Retrieved from ETH/321 Classroom.Required elements Students earn their grades based on the Grade Rubric. It will be inserted with comments at the end of each graded paper, along with other specific comments inserted directly into the paper itself. A grading scale (i.e. A -F) is provided in the Instructor Policies (Spiering, 2017). So, students earn high grades by satisfying each bullet point in each section – Content, Organization/Development and Mechanics.Please note that the Mechanics section of the Grade Rubric requires the integration of research in APA format, including in-text and reference citations. Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.Grade Rubric Analysis for Week 1 Individual Assignment: The Role and Functions of LawContent 60 Percent3 PointsScoreAdditional Comments:Highlighted bullets and/or specific comments depict areas to improve in content and to hone your research and writing skills..Organization / Development 20 Percent1 PointScoreAdditional Comments: wordsMechanics 20 Percent1 PointScoreAdditional Comments:TotalScore5Purchase the answer to view it
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