Need Help To Revise ESSAY. Cultural Diversity.

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You need to make sure you have a clear main argument/thesis using this format: and add more in terms of details and analysis/examples to help illustrate the points you are making.BELOW IS THE ASSIGNMENT WHICH I ATTACHED THE ESSAY TO REVISE TO WHAT IS NEEDED FOR REVISION. NEED A CLEARER THESIS/MAIN ARGUMENT USING THE YOUTUBE VIDEO ABOVE AND THEN ADD MORE DETAILS AND ANALYSIS/EXAMPLES TO HELP ILLUSTRATE THE POINTS IN THE ESSAY. This document should include a thesis question. This question should not be answerable with a simple yes or no response. For example, “Does racism still exist?” Propose what, how, or why questions, such as, “How is residential segregation perpetuated in the post-civil rights era?” to circumvent this problem. Second, students should propose a thesis statement that directly answers the aforementioned thesis question. Third, each outline should include an introduction, three substantive sections supporting the thesis statement, sub-points related to each substantive section, and a conclusion. The sub-points should be a minimum of 2-3 sentences in length and the conclusion a full paragraph. Finally, students should include a reference section that includes at least four academic-related sources. The paper should answer specific question to demonstrate your understanding of the sociological concepts and your ability to apply these concepts in thinking about the world in you are in. Purchase the answer to view it
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Need Help To Revise ESSAY. Cultural Diversity.
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