Multiple Intelligence

Before writing your discussion thread, please take the Multiple Intelligences Test found in the Learn materials.

Once you have the results of the test, you can address the following discussion prompts with your own personal results in mind.

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Multiple Intelligence
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  1. Do you think “multiple intelligences” is a valid construct?  In other words, do multiple intelligences exist?  (Be sure to include connections to the textbook/research when building your argument.)
  2. Do you think that the Multiple Intelligences Test you took gave a valid picture of your intellectual abilities?  In other words, do you think that test accurately measured what it is supposed to measure?
  3. Provide at least one recommendation about how the developers of this multiple intelligences test could demonstrate evidence for the validity of the test.  Your recommendation should focus on one of the types of validity described in the textbook [i.e., content-related validity, predictive validity, concurrent validity, or construct validity (using convergent or discriminant evidence)].
  4. Finally, make a biblical argument either for or against the existence of multiple intelligences.  Whichever stance you take, be sure to back it up with meaningful and relevant Scripture references.

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