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Process Evaluation Versus Outcome EvaluationProgram evaluation should be developed based on and in conjunction with the goals and objectives of the public health program. The PRECEDE-PROCEED model presents a good framework for the match between different program stages and objectives and the different types or levels of evaluation.In this assignment, you will discuss the different types of evaluation and provide examples of how they may be used to evaluate public health programs. One categorization of evaluation is “process, impact, and outcome.” Another common categorization is formative (process) and summative (impact and outcome).The distinction between impact and outcome is important for public health programs. ”Impact” refers to the immediate health or behavioral results. “Outcomes” are the long-term effects that may be difficult to measure but are important to identify.Using the readings for this module, the Internet, and the University online library resources, review process evaluation, and outcome evaluation. Respond to the following:Write your initial response in approximately 200 words. Apply APA standards to citation of sources.Purchase the answer to view it
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