Management/Human Resources: DQ #5

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DQ #5: PROMPT for Discussion Post (DUE Oct 5th 12:00 EST)Learning Outcomes:• Evaluate the relative merits of a variety of human resources interventions such as organizational development, succession and workforce planning, strategic staffing, diversity training, cultural change, and rewards and recognition redesign.• Demonstrate how to design, develop, and implement effective HR policies and programs.You are hired as a consultant to help identify potential managers among current employees at a fast-food restaurant. The manager’s job is to help wait on customers and prepare food during busy times, oversee all aspects of restaurant operations, and motivate employees to provide high-quality service. The manager is also responsible for resolving disputes between employees. The position can be stressful and involves multi-tasking. Outline the type of assessment program you believe will do the best job of identifying employees who will be successful managers. Discuss why you feel this program will be effective and how an employee’s current job can be changed to develop management skills.Using this information, develop a well thought-out original response to the questions with a minimum of 350 words (not including the references/work cited) and referencing a minimum of three academic sources (outside of the textbook) to support your answer. Must use proper APA format. References/work cited in APA as well. Purchase the answer to view it
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Management/Human Resources: DQ #5
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