Knowledge Management

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Reference: APATask DescriptionWrite an academic essay based on ONE of the following:1. How can social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter be used to improve knowledge sharing, build social capital, support innovation and aid problem solving in one of the following organizational contexts?- Multinational Corporation (MNCs)- Small Business Networks in Australia or Singapore (Choose Singapore)- Networks of community based Not-for-Profit organizations in Australia or Singapore (Choose Singapore) – Charity Salvation AmyOR 2. How can HR management systems and practices in Australia or Singapore be re-designed using Knowledge Management and OL principles to increase innovation and competitive advantage over the next 5 years? Discuss this in relation to one or several aspects of HRM – Recruitment and Selection, Training and Development, Performance management and rewards, succession planning and strategic HRMI have scribbled some notes on the work sheets. Please take note of them to guide you in writing this academic paper.Please paper should be plagiarism free. Do not copy. Duration is 20 hoursPurchase the answer to view it
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Knowledge Management
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