Installation instructions

This exercise includes installation instructions, data, and a tutorial. The tutorial requires students to work with the County Health Ranking dataset and assess the proportion of uninsured in CA counties. Students will create a geospatial map, a bar plot, and a dashboard. There is a word document that offers step-by-step instructions on how to do this.  Note:  it is likely you will not be able to save and go back to finish this assignment. Please pick a time that you will be able to fully complete the assignment.  Estimate = 1-2 hours to complete.You will need a PC as this software does not currently work on MACs.  (If you have a MAC – double check that it is an accurate statement.  The last time we tried, it didn’t work, but they are always updating, so you never know).Files: 2016CHR_CSV_Analytic_Data_v2.csvTableau Course Exercise.docx

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Installation instructions
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