I could do without that

Question 1

 What first captures your attention?

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I could do without that
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Question 2 

 What objects do you notice? Colors? Shapes? Movements?

Question 3 

 What was unexpected? Unfamiliar? Odd?

Question 4 

 Among your answers, what will you remember several days from now?

Question 5

 What part (or portion) did you prefer? About which part can you say, “I’m glad it was there”?

Question 6 

 What part do you least prefer?  About which part can you say, “I could do without that”?

Question 7

 What words or phrases stand out in the script?

Question 8 

If this were a dance, describe the style, dancers, staging, costumes.

Question 9

If this were a sculpture which summarizes the whole movie, describe it.

Question 10 

 What are the main emotions in this story? What poetic phrases would capture the overall theme?

Question 11

 What parts of the story are believable? What parts are unbelievable?

Question 12 

Give a title to the film other than its actual title.

Question 13 

Have you ever experienced being an unwilling participant in something risky or dangerous where someone else was in control?

Question 14 

 What is the message of this movie to society?

Question 15 

 What is the message of this movie to you?


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