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2. 2 Define Apartheid. Comment with specific examples how this policy was implemented between 1948 and 1980; and explain why and how the policy eventually collapsed. Append three sources which may help to provide more information on the subject. 3. 3 Comment on the legacy of colonialism in post-colonial Africa. You should focus your attention on the political, economic, educational, and social aspects of postcolonial Africa. You must use SUBSTANTIVE EVIDENCE AND EXAMPLES to support your argument. Suggest three sources which may help to provide more information on the topic. 4. 4 Assume you are asked to teach History of Modern Africa from 1900 to the present. List and annotate 10-12 topics on you will focus. Your topics should be arranged either chronologically or thematically. Suggest FOUR sources you will use for the class. each I need 200 wordscheck plag Purchase the answer to view it
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Hst Questions Good
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