Hired You As A Consultant

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Task 1: Your have been charged with A) executing a Job Analysis for the Group Ticket Sales staff employee and B) writing a Job Announcement (Job Description and Qualifications) to post on the team’s website and other job recruitment websites. Conduct Internet research (www.teamworkonline.com is a good place to start) and review several (2-4) job announcements for Group Ticket Sales positions, with a specific focus on the job description and job specifications. Construct a 1 page job announcement for ACSC’s new Group Ticket Sales position. Hint: You may use the sample announcement on pp. 200-201 of your textbook for formatting guidance). Task 2: Next, you have been asked by the HR director to formulate interview questions to ask the eventual candidates for the Group Ticket Sales position. Write 3 closed ended questions, 3 open ended questions, and 3 hypothetical questions for the search committee to utilize as part of the interview process. Note: Because formulating probing questions would be difficult without first hearing actual responses, you are not asked to formulate this specific type of question in advance of the interviews. Task 3: Finally, ACSC’s HR Director has asked you to assist with determining the pay for the new Group Ticket Sales position. Specifically, you have been asked to use an external approach to help determine the base pay for the position. Conduct an online search to gain an understanding of the base pay amount of other professional minor league sports teams for an entry level Group Ticket Sales employee. Note, www.glassdoor.com is a good resource to start with. Construct a brief narrative (200-250 words) to the HR director explaining your recommendation for the base pay of the new Group Ticket Sales employee. Purchase the answer to view it
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Hired You As A Consultant
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