Government accountability


The most urgent concern that I am seeing in today’s society is people being respectful of others, especially if they have a different opinion.  I have seen too many times people resort to name calling and bashing someone for a different opinion, without knowing how that person came to form that opinon.  The second urgent thing I see is that people are too detached and lastly they just look away from a problem or place blame instead of working together to come up with a possible solution.  VR could help by bringing different people together on a large platform to brainstorm and discuss differences.  Through this compromises can be made and possible working solutions.  These platforms could chat groups or Zoom meetings so everyone can see one another. 

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Government accountability
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Three Urgent concerns in today’s society?

1) Government accountability and transparency or corruption. (World-Wide)

2) Climate change I only say that because last winter here in San Antonio it snowed and there was no electricity. CRAZY COLD for about one week. I will add to that pollution which I think is also playing a part in climate change. 

3) Lack of unity, too much hatred and continual talk about how “racist” people are. Can we try to notice the good? Can our society try to love each other no matter how different we are? Can we just be friends? I think this is world-wide not just in USA. 

Virtual reality can allow us to travel with out leaving our homes, I think travel opens people’s minds and hearts to new experiences and also new cultures which can make us all more understanding, compassionate and human. 

I don’t know if virtual reality can help solve government corruption but as far as transparency I think VR and technology working hand in hand have make data and communication/information more easily accessible and transparent to the public.

VR can motivate and inspire us help solve the climate crisis. I know when I watched a video on climate change it allowed me to see and feel the effects of our changing environment. Something that is dear to my heart is the ocean. I was born in California and literally went swimming almost every week-end for as long as I can remember until I moved here (Going to Padre Island soon on a week-end trip) and it is sad how polluted it is! We humans have literally created a plastic island made up of plastics and other rubbish. This breaks my heart for all the beautiful sea creatures. We are polluting the earth and VR helps us see the facts that we try to pretend aren’t real. 



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