Going to school online


I feel for me personally I never imagined going to school online it was always wake up get dressed go to school. now I am able to go to school from home, the office, or anywhere but school. I love the fact I can be in my Pj’s and no one would know. I also found it very surprising because I always thought to full l earn or understand something you have to be in the class to discuss, see and or feel. I found this an amazing tool especially since we are in a pandemic.  I feel another could be this video I saw a long time ago I can’t find her name. She was a deaf girl and would create music with water to tell a story I remember the stage was dark and black and her clothing was also black I cannot remember the story but I remember the feeling I had I remember feeling really sad.

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Going to school online
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I don’t think I can find anything as unusual as the “sand art” experience, but I have seen how VR, or at the very least technology, has helped to make many things easier and more accessible. A teacher I work with is very tech-savvy and brought in tablets for all the students in her class to use for assignments. It was pretty amazing to see 4-5 kids working on the same project, but on different parts, simultaneously. Nobody had to wait for anyone else, and it allowed for accountability in the group. We saw comics and other unique projects come to life quickly.

Though I have not personally experienced anything like this myself, I know that many places like museums have virtual tours you can take. I’m not sure if this is something that is done, but it would be interesting if it was possible to have a tour as a group from our own homes in real time. I think being able to enjoy something like that would make it more like an actual tour where people could ask questions and give commentary. 

My last example is not online, and I have yet to experience it, but it seems really neat. There is a dinosaur exhibit that travels city to city and allows you to experience “real” dinosaurs from your vehicle. I believe it is called Jurassic Quest and I think it would be a very immersive event for anyone who attended, especially kids who tend who have much more vivid imaginations.

As I stated, I can not think of anything more “unique” or “profound” like the sand-art, so I am very interested in what everyone else shares!



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