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CQ DEVELOPMENT PLAN/ACTION PLAN INSTRUCTIONS 1. To begin this assignment, the student must have with them a copy of the “CQ Report” that was compiled/prepared specifically for them from the CQ Center. This is the same CQ Report that the student was asked to submit to Blackboard for the Module/Week 5 CQ assignment. Since the CQ Report contains results from your CQ Assessment, it provides specific information that will be necessary for you while working on this assignment. 2. Write out your CQ Development Plan/Action Plan by fully responding to all questions and statements from pages 9-12 in your CQ Report. Please make certain that this Development Plan/Action Plan is not a filled in copy of your CQ Report, but instead is a written paper following Turabian format. Type out each of the questions, statements, and chart headings first and then respond thoroughly to each part of the plan as outlined in pages 9-12 of your CQ Report. The answers to your questions must be in complete sentences. Your responses to each question and statement must be very thorough. It should take at least 2–3 complete sentences to answer most points thoroughly. It will likely take more to answer some of them. 3. Submit your assignment as a Microsoft Word Document in Blackboard for Module/Week 8. Please note that it will be of help to keep the Grading Rubric for this assignment in mind while working on your paper. You will be graded strictly according to the grading rubric. This assignment is due by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Friday of Module/Week 8.To be clear, each of the questions on page 9-12 should be used as headings in your paper, and then you should respond with 2-3 sentences. The questions are as follows: · YOUR CQo Describe your self-rated CQ scores in your own words.· Present Challengeso What intercultural challenges are you currently facing?· Future Opportunitieso What multicultural or global opportunities do you want to pursue?· Strongest CQ capabilitieso Your strongest self-rating in the four CQ capabilities is _________. o Write down one example of how you have used ______ in the last 6 months. o How, if at all, does your current role allow you to use your highest sub-dimensions? · Weakest CQ Capabilitieso Your weakest self-rating in the four CQ capabilities is _________o Write down one example of how your CQ _________ may have caused problems for you in the pat 6 months. o How might your level of CQ on these sub-dimensions be holding you back from greater effectiveness working in culturally diverse contexts? · Action Stepso List one specific multicultural skill you would like to improve in the next year. · Strengtho List specific, challenging action steps you can take to use your strongest self-rated CQ capability. § Next 4 weeks: · 1)· 2)§ Next 8 weeks: · 1)· 2) · Area for Improvemento List Specific, challenging action steps you can take to enhance your weakest self-rated CQ capability so that it does not interfere with developing the multicultural skill you identified at the top of this page. § Next 4 weeks · 1)· 2) § Next 8 weeks· 1)· 2) · Accountability o With whom will you share this plan in the next 2 weeks?o How can this person help you accomplish your goals?Purchase the answer to view it
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