Freshmen year

Randi is a new client of yours who has taken a break from his sophomore year of college to explore his career options and make plans for his next steps in life. He has expressed anxiety and hopelessness when it comes to returning to school, choosing a college major, and pursuing his career. 

His freshmen year was not his best academically but he loves being involved in campus organizations. He has expressed pressure from his parents to pursue a major in an engineering field though he is not interested in this area. 

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Freshmen year
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From your knowledge, Randi pays for his own sessions.

You receive a call from Randi’s mother inquiring about how he is progressing. 

She wants to know if you have encouraged Randi to return to school next semester and if he will be an engineer. 

Additionally, she stated that she has a right to know what you and Randi are discussing since he lives in her home and she is giving him the money to pay for the sessions.

Discuss any legal and ethical concerns you have with this situation. Include citation to relevant ethical codes. 

175 words discussing ethical concerns


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