Four concepts

This week, you will write a 2-page essay.

1. You must read the chapter section regarding the norms and functions of romantic and long term love.

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Four concepts
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2. You will write a FULL 2 pages responding to the topic below. 

3. DO NOT use a heading that includes my name, your name, the course name or any other information. I know all that. Simply open WORD and put a title centered on the first line, then return and indent and start typing.  Yes, paragraphs are indented.

4. You must include in bold at least four concepts/terms for the chapter. 

5. Use correct grammar and punctuation.


Discuss romantic and long-term love, and give examples of how these two forms of love affect our life at difference stages. Pay attention to how many of them emphasize romance during mate selection process and in long-term love at later stages of relationships. Write a two-page report on norms and functions associated with these two forms of love.Hide Files: BENOKRAITIS_ArtOnly_Ch06_PPT.pptx


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