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This week, you’ve examined the rationale, form, and function of an interdisciplinary team in providing health care. As you’ve seen, members of an interdisciplinary team may come from a variety of professional backgrounds, depending on the needs of the patient, the setting in which care is provided, and the resources available.To prepare:For this Discussion, review the case study on pages 2–4 of your course text.Post a comprehensive response to the following:___________________________________________________________________________DISCUSSION BOARD 2ONLY 250-300 WORDS FOR (CURRENT ISSUES IN HEALTHCARE POLICY AND PRACTICE stake?holder (stâk’hô­l’d?r), nounHealth policy stakeholders can be defined in many ways. Depending on your individual perspective, one might use each of the definitions given above to describe the role of a stakeholder to health care policy.As one of the largest sectors of the U.S. economy, as well as one of the single largest line items in federal and state budgets, health care is a huge financial concern for the citizenry. The future of many of the nation’s most popular social programs, such as Medicare and Medicaid, along with the health of millions, hangs in the balance as government agencies, private industry, political organizations, think tanks, coalitions, and individuals grapple with health policy issues.To prepare for this Discussion, consider this week’s Learning Resources. Select a health care stakeholder from the Health Policy Stakeholder Table located in the Learning Resources area.Post a comprehensive response to the following:RESOURCES—— Purchase the answer to view it
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