Ethical issue

  1. Describe a recent or current ethical issue you have faced in nursing practice or which has attained national attention. Discuss the application of ethical theories or principles to the issue. Provide examples or use your DNP Project if you have any potential ethical issues /concerns and describe how you will address this? Provide literature support.

2. Based on your response from above, provide a decision tree of how you came to the decision of ethical theory application. Table 1: “Checkpoints for Ethical Decision Making,” in the article “Resolving Ethical Dilemmas: Applying the Institute for Global Ethics’ Ethical Fitness’ Model to Occupational and Environmental Health Practice Issues,” provides a model for guidance. 

this is a discussion question needing at least 250 words, 2 references for each question in APA 7 format within last 5 years 

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Ethical issue
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