Entrprse Align HR Mgmt Strat

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design a narrated PowerPoint presentation for the executive leadership team of CapraTek, outlining your recommendations for addressing the problems you were hired to address. Review the course project description for full details of the project scenario. Also review the media pieces, linked in the Resources, for CapraTek information.Your presentation should begin with an overview of your approach to the analysis; for example, the purpose of your work, the people you interviewed, or the documents you reviewed.The presentation should present findings associated with each business functional area accessed in the course from your time at CapraTek.The recommendations section of your presentation must focus entirely on HR strategies designed to support CapraTek’s strategic goals and to address specific problems currently impacting organizational effectiveness.Remember that you are an HR consultant; therefore, the majority of your work should concentrate on HRM strategies, programs, and activities. Naturally, it has been essential to collect operational data, including KPIs, in order to accurately assess and recommend HRM strategies that align with CapraTek’s organizational goals and needs. Your report must demonstrate logical interpretation of the data, but you have not been asked to design quality management programs or customer service initiatives.Purchase the answer to view itPurchase the answer to view it
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Entrprse Align HR Mgmt Strat
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