Educational achievement

There are two assignments 200 words

Assignment 1

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Educational achievement
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1. As discussed by Steinberg (2016) “One of the most powerful influences on educational achievement is the socioeconomic status of the adolescent’s family” (p. 334).

What would you suggest as policies or practices to raise the achievement of youth living in poverty? In your response, include your thoughts and reactions to the documentary Tale of Two Schools: Race and Education on Long Island

Assignment 2

2. After reading chapter 18 – please read the application Case – Neflix Breaks the Rules in the text and complete the following four questions at the top of the page.

1.What (if anything) is it about Netflix that makes its HR practices work for Netflix?

2.Would you suggest using similar practices in other businesses, such as, say, a new restaurant? Why?

3. List the criteria you would use for deciding whether another company is right for the Neflix-type HR practices.

4. What argument would you make in response to the following: “Netflix just lucked out they’d have done even better with conventional HR practices.”


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