Drinking and flirt

With the textbook (Textbook: M&F4, by David Knox. ISBN: 978-1-337-11697-8) on chapter 6, Please pick one of these scenarios, and write 2-3 pages on what you believe is the best decision for the scenario you have chosen. Supplement your analysis with information from the book — you may also find outside sources if you wish. The scenarios are posted below. 

a) Two people are at a party, drinking and flirting. Although they met only two hours ago, they feel a strong attraction to each other. Both are wondering whether they will hook up later that evening. Is this a good idea? What will be the effects on the respective individuals? Will it doom a future with the partner or be the start of a relationship? 

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Drinking and flirt
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b) Maria and Jose have been sexually intimate for a couple of months. While Maria has found that the use of a vibrator is helpful in her achieving an orgasm, she is challenged by how she should bring this up so that Jose has a positive reaction. What should she do? 

c) While Melody was away for a weekend, her live-in partner had sex with his ex-girlfriend. He regretted his behavior, begged for forgiveness, and promised to be faithful in the future. What should Melody do? 


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