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Dq wk 1 See the attachment to answer (1-2)1. The theories seem outdated? Why? 2. What theories do you think are more effective? Why?3. Addiction is known to impact almost all parts of the body. What are some common symptoms that indicate that someone has been using illegal substances? For example, a common physical symptom of methamphetamine use is “meth mouth”. Explain in detail and cite the reasons for your answer. (1.3) 4. What is the connection between Genetics & Addiction? 5. Describe how substance abuse affect the brain & body chemistry? 6. Identify the physical and psychological influences of various substances such as drugs and alcohol? 7. What is the link between Marijuana and Schizophrenia?8.What is the link “Dopamine System and Neural Pruning”Purchase the answer to view it
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