Critical 1 ( 574)

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Identify a public health concern that contributes to health risks or disease. As a governmental official, prepare a public service announcement (PSA) in the form of a two-page brochure to educate the public on this concern. Remember to address the following:A brief explanation of the concern, including a definitionHow the concern impacts public health, with current statisticsWhat citizens can do to protect themselvesHow your agency can address the concern, including measures and surveillanceFrequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – with specific itemsWhom to contact for additional details (e.g., WHO, Ministry of Health), including an address and phone number.Your brochure should meet the following structural requirements:- Two-page brochure that includes all elements detailed above- Conforms APA writing standards; be sure to cite any statistics or other information, as appropriate.- Due date: 3/10/2017- References pages could be included on a separate pages or the back , to not draw away from the brochure.- In MS Word there is an option for creating a brochure, you can use images, bulleted, lists etc, to be creative.Purchase the answer to view it
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Critical 1 ( 574)
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