Course project

For this discussion, you will introduce your course project topic by uploading a brief presentation.

The topic of the course project will be any medical disease or medical condition of the body. Choose one that interests you and explain why you chose this particular disease or medical condition (i.e., what piqued your interest and why, if it is, relevant to you).  You should make sure to select a different condition than your classmates – so include the name of your disease/condition in the title of your post. 

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Course project
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  1. Familiarize yourself with the Course Project Guide.
  2. Create a narrated PowerPoint presentation (or other multimedia program as approved by your instructor)
    • (2-3 slides) and upload it as a file attachment to your Discussion post.
    • For instructions on how to create audio narration in PowerPoint, see the following link: Record a Slide Show With Narration.
  3. Your mini-presentation should include the following:
    • Your name, date, class name, and instructor name
    • The name of the medical condition or disease you chose
    • Why this topic is relevant or important
    • Why you chose this condition/disease
    • Type your file as FirstnameLastname_BIOL181_Pres1.ppt (or .pptx)

Hide Files: BIOL181_Course_Project_Guide.docx


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