Conflict theory analysis


This take-home exam is based on a critical, Marxist/conflict theory analysis of the film If Beal Street Could Talk (2018), which is based on the novel of the same title by James Baldwin.

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Conflict theory analysis
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Although this story can be interpreted through several different theoretical lens (i.e., structural functionalism, psychoanalytic or symbolic interactionism), this assignment requires a Marxist/conflict theory lens be adopted.Criteria

1.At least two quotes from the Communist Manifesto must be included in the essay.

2.At least four terms from Chapters 3 and/or 4 from Bad Moon Rising need to be correctly used in the essay.

3.Bold the text to identify when quotes and terms are being used.

4.Use at least one additional outside, college-level reference.

5.Include a References page listing all sources using correct APA format.

6.The essay needs to be at least 500-words and no more than 600-words.

Helpful Suggestions1.No movie summaries! A summary is not an analysis.

2.Some students struggle with analytic essays. “I don’t know where to start!” I often hear them say.

Here is some great advice: start with the theory. Let the theory lead and the story follow. Even before you watch the movie, workout a detailed outline for conflict theory. As you watch the movie (perhaps twice), take notes where the details from the film fill in your outline.

3.The movie is available to rent on Amazon Prime (for about $4) and Fios, but I can’t confirm its availability on other platforms. Speak with me immediately, if you are having difficulty locating the movie; A DVD is available to loan out.

4.You may watch the movie with others in the class, but further group collaboration is discouraged. The final assignment needs to reflect the individual efforts


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