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Identify a specific line level (non management) position at a specific existing company. You may want to use a position at a company you have worked at previously. If you want you can select a job you hope to manage in the future (for instance, if I wanted to be hotel manager at a luxury hotel, I might choose a front desk agent position at the Ritz Carlton in Half Moon Bay). Complete a job analysis for the position. You are required to answer the following questions in an essay style format. Use complete sentences when forming your essay. You should save your answers in a Word or pdf document for submission. Make sure to include your name and student id number and the question as part of the Assignment response. You are expected to answer the assigned questions in your own words (do not copy and paste text from any source).1. What is the job title of the position? Which company has this position?2. Describe three different ways to gather information when completing a job analysis. Identify which one of the ways you think would be the best method to gather data for the specific position and company you selected. Explain why that would be a good method.3. Describe the baseline knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to perform this job. What is unique about this position at this company from this position at another company (use o*net to compare tasks typically performed by this position).4. What duties and tasks does the person holding this job perform? What are the physical requirements of the job?Purchase the answer to view it
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Complete A Job Analysis
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